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Wide selection of dosing pumps


All our metering pumps are suited for many application sectors and every specific dosage need finds its solution in one of our systems.

The dosing pumps are the pulsing heart of metering systems and water treatment plants. EMEC dosing systems provide the highest level of reliability, quality and accuracy, with limited costs and many possibilities of configuration and application. Our series of solenoid-driven and motor-driven dosing pumps are ready to be installed and interfaced with all existing productive systems, and ready to meet any dosage need. The perfect answer for dosing of different chemical solutions, from typical applications, like disinfection and purification, to industrial ones, up to the car wash and to the dosage of viscous liquids.


5-year warranty on PTFE diaphragms.


Remote control everywhere you are, with any device.


A wide range of solutions for every need.

Duty Stand-by

Even more safety with the flow sensor function.


Solenoid-driven dosing pumps designed and produced by EMEC, with 6 series and more than 60 different models, offer a wide range of solutions to meet any kind of dosing need and to be easily employed in combination with EMEC control instruments and accessories in several application fields.

Different series of solenoid-driven dosing pumps feature different flow rate (l/h) ranges in respect of working pressures (bar) for different dosing performances, as well as two mounting positions so to offer the best solution for every installation need. Some series are also designed for specific applications, such as swimming pools, cooling towers or car washes.

Every series of EMEC solenoid-driven dosing pumps offer a range of different models, with manual or self venting, with or without LCD display, for viscous liquids, with different dosing systems, different parameters, different inputs or different functions. Every model, in turn, is available with different flow rates and working pressures to meet every need. WDPHxx dosing pumps, with integrated control instrument and designed for swimming pool water treatment, can read and measure pH and a different dosing parameter depending on the model, while R series dosing pumps, as well as AMS AC and T AC models, are equipped with compressed-air metering pumps.

All EMEC solenoid-driven dosing pumps are extremely reliable and accurate thanks to high-quality design, microprocessor technology, double ball check valves and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) liquid ends for high chemical resistance, while MF-type pumps ensure an even higher level of control over the dosing system by virtue of a rich set of functions and automatisms. As a proof of their excellent quality and reliability, EMEC solenoid-driven dosing pumps have a 5-year warranty on PTFE diaphragm.

Besides the wide assortment for any dosing need, the EMEC solenoid-driven dosing pumps can be personalized in many ways, with 10 different colors from which to choose for the box along with the standard colors, while even the graphics of pump front panels (polycarbonate) are completely customizable with customer's logo and style. So, EMEC solenoid-driven dosing pumps can conform with any specific need of application as well as with the customer who need it.





PRIUS motor-driven dosing pumps have been entirely designed and engineered by EMEC to meet any need of high-performance metering with a range of 12 different models. High dosing performances are combined with high resistance against aggressive chemical agents, vibrations and losses, in order to ensure extreme reliability.

By virtue of their performances, PRIUS motor-driven pumps are suitable for many applications, such as potable water treatment plants, industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, food or chemical industry.

The assortment of motors available for PRIUS pumps makes it possible to achieve a wide range of flow rates, from few liters to 1000 l/h, with a working pressure that can reach up to 100 bar in the HP (high-pressure) models. Even in extreme conditions, total and constant accuracy in dosing is guaranteed by the quality of design and construction EMEC has gained in over 35 years of research and development.

Dosing flow rate in PRIUS pumps can be manually regulated through mechanical stroke length adjustment, while PRIUS MF multifunction pumps offer an ever more complete control, since they can be controlled through their display and programmed according to different working modes, ensuring extreme accuracy on the regulation of dosing process. Moreover, integration of ERMES remote control system with PRIUS MF motor-driven pumps gives you total control everywhere through any device. MODBUS electronic module (RS485) also enables you to connect PRIUS MF pumps with other industrial systems through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

PRIUS motor-driven dosing pumps can combine high performances with extreme accuracy also thanks to their great resistance and versatility. The possibility to choose between models with PTFE diaphragm and models with ceramic or SS plunger and the availability of different materials and sizes for liquid ends make PRIUS motor-driven dosing pumps suitable to every need and safe with a wide range of chemicals: very viscous liquids, aggressive chemicals, acid and basic solutions, solvents and polymers. PRIUS dosing pumps are also available with ATEX certification, either for gas or for dust, for using in explosive atmospheres.


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